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Ninh Thuan with countless beautiful, wild and majestic landscapes is attracting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to visit and discover unique things in this “sunny” land. So if you have the opportunity to visit Ninh Thuan, you cannot ignore the famous tourist attractions here as well as interesting experiences enough to make you fall in love. Let’s refer to our schedule Phan Rang City Tour to make a journey of experiencing the best places in Ninh Thuan, or you can book a tour right here.

Itinerary to visit Mui Dinh – Phan Rang City Tour

  • Son Hai Sand Dunes: Son Hai Sand Dunes is considered a “small desert” located on the coast. With a large and unspoiled area, it is very suitable for you to take an off-road tour, take pictures and watch nature or play adventure games such as sandboarding, Sup, and swimming or snorkeling here.
Phan Rang City tour
Son Hai Sand Dunes – Phan Rang City Tour
  • Ca Na coastal Road : Destiny Named as one of the most beautiful sea routes in Vietnam. The Ca Na sea route is only about 25 km long, connecting Mui Dinh Sand dune and Ca Na, but this place still retains a very attractive and wild appearance. 

Like a landscape in the cinema, Ca Na beach road is the convergence of majestic mountains on one side and a vast sea on the other. Just looking at it is enough to hold you back to check-in as much as you like.

Lịch trình Mũi Dinh 1 ngày
Ca Na coastal Road – Phan Rang City Tour
  • Tanyoli Mongolian Village: Tanyoli is considered a miniature “Mongolian” village but has beautiful scenes that delight visitors when they arrive. The scene here is wild, beautiful, and poetic as if only seen on the tv. This is the first tourist area in Vietnam that is modeled on the nomadic life of the Mongolian people with beautiful, romantic tents, full of amenities. Not only the beautiful scenery, the extreme sports games here also bring visitors exciting feelings with indescribable emotions.
Phan Rang City tour
Tanyoli Mongolian Village – Phan Rang City Tour
  • Mui Dinh Wind Field: Mui Dinh wind farm is one of the places likened to the world’West  in Ninh Thuan. Because this place is surrounded by mountains and forests, sandy deserts and blue seas, it looks like the luxury and nature town places in Italy . People often joke that “when you set foot in Mui Dinh wind farm, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this place”.
Phan Rang City tour
Mui Dinh Wind Field – Phan Rang City Tour

In addition to the above locations, you can also visit other places such as: Nam Cuong Sand Dunes – Golden Desert in the middle of sunny land, Nam Hoa Vien – Flower paradise in Ninh Thuan,… Or reward Enjoy fresh, value-for-money and excellent quality seafood at Mui Dinh.

Discover Mui Dinh Desert - Phan Rang City Tour
Discover Mui Dinh Desert – Phan Rang City Tour

Itinerary to visit Vinh Hy Bay – Phan Rang City Tour

  • Hon Do:  The island is a fossil coral population in the territory of My Hiep village, Thanh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province. Coming here early in the morning, you can watch the sunrise at one of the most beautiful sunrise spots in Ninh Thuan. Let’s go there and enjoy life of local fisherman when you are watching the sunrise at every morning.
Phan Rang City Tour
Check in Hon Do – Phan Rang City Tour
  • Thai An Vineyard: Visit Thai An Vineyard, Thai An Vineyard in Thai An village – Vinh Hai commune – Ninh Hai district. Coming to Thai An Vineyard in any space, you will see a garden of only fruit and fruit. Whether standing or sitting, the images of hundreds of luscious bunches of grapes mixed with light reflections from the sun’s rays will make you fall in love and unable to escape.
Phan Rang City Tour
Thai An Vineyard – Phan Rang City Tour
  • Vinh Hy Bay: Dubbed as one of the four most beautiful and peaceful bays in Vietnam. Vinh Hy Bay is fortunate that it has not been commercialized much, so Vinh Hy’s pristine and original beauty is still preserved. Coming here, you will experience coral diving with high-speed boats and swimming at the most pristine beaches of Vinh Hy Bay in a blue color of water.
Phan Rang City Tour
Vinh Hy Bay – Phan Rang City Tour
  • Rai Cave: Hang Rai is located in the population of Nui Chua National Park, in Vinh Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan. Rai Cave is not a large cave, but actually a cliff protruding into the sea with a structure of many niches and cavities with a characteristic shape. Also there was a place that had a lot of Otters living for a long time ago.

This place is like a harmonious picture of the sea and mountains with green moss-covered rocks hidden under the clear sea. When the waves touch on the rocks, the sea water falls from the cliffs, creating an extremely beautiful waterfall image right middle ocean. Wave by wave makes the waterfall flow non-stop, reflecting in the sun like a golden waterfall pouring into the sea full of excitement. Rai Cave is most beautiful at dawn when the early sun is dyed brilliant pink and when sunset is covered with dreamy purple.

Discover Vinh Hy - Phan Rang City Tour
Discover Vinh Hy – Phan Rang City Tour

Explore Phan Rang City tour

  • An Hoa Sheep field: Visiting An Hoa Sheep field and learning about the nomadic life of the local people here will be a great experience.  inside An Hoa village, Xuan Hai commune, Ninh Hai district (about 16 km from Phan Rang – Thap Cham city in the northwest direction). Most of local people here follow islam.

Coming here, you will no longer hear the noisy car horns or the crowded lines of people. An Hoa village seems to be completely separate from the sound of a luxurious city. 

An Hoa Sheep fiel - Phan Rang City Tour
An Hoa Sheep fiel – Phan Rang City Tour

There is nothing more wonderful than becoming a local farmer with Sheep with the charming mountains and the fresh air of the countryside. More specifically, to have fun and play with cute sheep, feed them, take pictures to check-in and bring back “money shoot” virtual live pictures.

  • Ba Thap Windmill Field: From the center of Phan Rang – Thap Cham city, go in the direction of National Highway 1A, you go straight in the direction of Nha Trang for about 20 km, there is a green road with rice fields in Inside, there are about a hundred of the big turbines. This is a great check-in place that if you miss it you will feel extremely regretful. Because coming here, you will discover a peaceful and romantic sky that not all tourist destinations have.
Phan Rang City Tour
Ba Thap Windmill Field – Phan Rang City Tour (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)
  • Ba Ho: Ba Ho, also known as ” the secret stream” is located in Cong Hai commune, Ninh Hai district, Ninh Thuan province.

In Vietnamese : ” Ba Ho” means there are three large lakes in a row opening right on the back of the mountain. And each lake is connected by craggy streams, creating a majestic and poetic scene. 

Phan Rang City Tour
Check in Ba Ho – Phan Rang City Tour

This place is very suitable for those who like adventure experiences, because the way up on the lake is a bit difficult. If you are a trekking fan, you should not miss this attractive place. Also enjoy local chicken dish there when have massaging by nature stream fish.

  • Bau Truc Pottery Village: Bau Truc Pottery Village is located in Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district. Known as one of the villages with a rare surviving pottery tradition for a thousand years ago.

This is one of the oldest villages in south east Asia. Cham Bau Truc Ninh Thuan Traditional Pottery Village is proud to be the birthplace of many artisans with a great creative mind and talented hands, tempered over the years. Unlike other ceramic lines, Champa pottery is rough, and has customized colors that are similar to the philosophy of depending on nature. Come and listen the color of clay, water, fire and the diligent hands in Bau Truc tell their cultural stories.

Phan Rang City Tour
Bau Truc Pottery Village – Phan Rang City Tour (Ảnh: Sưu tầm)
  • Poklong Garai Tower: Poklong Garai Tower is the name of a temple of Cham towers built at the end of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th century, located on Trau hill in the territory of  Phan Rang-Thap Cham city. Ninh Thuan Province. 

At here, you can witness the Cham culture with your own eyes, In particular, if you come to the tower on the 1st or the full moon day, the Cham’s holidays will experience other festivals besides Kate’s festival such as: the ceremony to pray for favorable rain and wind, father’s festival in Cham beliefs, etc. .Also there is one of intact archit for 800 years.

Phan Rang City Tour
Pokalong Garai Tower – Phan Rang City Tour

If you love sculpture, Poklong Garai Tower is an ideal place for you to check in the photos of a lifetime.

Phan Rang City Tour
Phan Rang City Tour

Some notes when traveling to Phan Rang City Tour :

  • The weather in Ninh Thuan is pretty severe, so you need to be well prepared with appropriate clothes, also remember to bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses,…
  • Traveling and Sightseeing spots in Ninh Thuan are quite far from each others, so you could refer to the schedule of Hello Phan Rang Travel to have the most pleasant trip for yourself. 
  • Besides, please keep the landscape clean and absolutely no littering.

In addition to Phan Rang City Tour, Ninh Thuan has many interesting experiences, such as a 2 Days 1 Night Tour, Explore Phuoc Binh National Park, or a 3 Days 2 Nights Tour. You can design your own group or family a tour program that suits your plan through Design your own Ninh Thuan outing program here . Hello Phan Rang Travel’s Tour programs are always designed to be the most attractive, cheapest, and suitable for many different ages. 

Besides, you can choose the program to experience the sun and wind in Phan Rang that is suitable for you so as not to affect the experience and conditions of each group – family. For specific advice, customers can message directly via Fanpage: Hello Phan Rang – Khám phá Ninh Thuận qua góc nhìn bản địa

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